Mobile Photography: Best option to start your Photography Journey

How many times it has happened with you that you spotted a moment in real-time in front of you, that you wanted to capture but somehow couldn’t, just because you are still living in a misconception that “It’s the camera, that makes a click stand out.”

Well, if you are the one who thinks the same, then surely this article is for you.

In continuation of my last article, where I emphasized as, in how I made the best decision of my life to start with a point and shoot camera, as my first camera, rather than a DSLR, this article is around the same belief but specifically around mobile phones this time.

So how can mobile phones be a better option than a DSLR?

They can surely be if you are a newbie and looking to get into photography and want to explore your creative instinct in this genre.

As starting with mobile photography is surely going to save a lot of your time and money before going into the pro mode and investing in expensive mirrorless or DSLRs.

“It’s the moment and not the camera that makes a picture stand out,” and the fact will remain the same.

Yes, the same “moments,” which you witness several times throughout your day. But couldn’t capture it considering the limitation of your device, i.e., your mobile phone.

What if we try to nullify those limitations through certain basic principles or “Hacks” of capturing great photographs even through your mobile phones, like a “pro.”

Wouldn’t that be great if you can capture all those moments and preserve them for a lifetime, which you would otherwise have skipped just because you don’t have a DSLR?

So without delaying any further, let’s dive into those fundamentals which can make your clicks stand out, even if taken through a basic mobile phone.

Always go for good light

Light is the Key and a definite one, which could make or break your snap. No matter how great the moment is bad light can ruin it; on the contrary, even the most boring composition will be saved by the good light.

Photography is all about using light and mastering; it would be the best step towards your photography voyage.

Since the aperture and ISO sensitivity of your phone cameras are already small due to size limitations it is always advised to go for good lighting conditions and avoid any possibility of a grainy image.

To start with, try to avoid any “against light” situation and always keep your subject facing the light source.

Also, try to use natural lights and avoid using the flashlight as much as possible of your mobile phones.

Avoid Zoom on Phones

You have to be clear about the concept of Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom before using it, as the majority of phones are equipped with digital zoom and not the optical one.

In digital zoom, the image is cropped out to reach out to the subject, eventually degrading the quality of output image.

So, whenever you are tempted to reach out to a subject while capturing it, its always advisable to get closer to the subject and not zoom in.

This way, you won’t compromise on quality and you have an option to play around and optimize image later on.

Be Steady and Focus

Keeping your hands steady is the foremost requirement for being a good photographer. Be it any device, DSLR or mirrorless; You will always be compromising with the quality of your picture with a shaky hand, more so in low light conditions.

Whenever in doubt about the steadiness of your hand, prefer to go for multiple shots or burst mode.

Adjust Exposure Manually

Adjusting exposure, yet another critical element of a successful image which is very easily avoided by many. There is an option to adjust the exposure manually by tapping on the mobile screen.

This way you can adjust exposure in Live mode according to available lighting condition and save your image from getting overexposed or underexposed at the very beginning.

Follow Rules of Composition and Play with Perspectives and Reflections

Always look for Symmetry, Leading lines, color patterns, textures while setting up a composition. Because these only will make your image stand out from masses and develop your signature style.

Embracing negative spaces in your composition is yet another way to make your clicks stand out and make them impactful.

Try to choose different angles while taking your picture and avoid sticking to a unique style.

Candids are always the best

Posed moments can be fine for certain friends or family functions but going for candid always gives an interesting option and make your click stand out.

As candid clicks capture the emotion and essence of a moment in its natural form, the output always comes in its pristine form, which is usually loved by all most of the time.

Just try to take as many as photos while capturing candid moments as it will give you a range of options to choose from

Clean the Lens

Many times the most obvious steps are ignored very easily, and cleaning your lens is one of them. A little dirt might not be hurting your image that much but oil smudges and lint buildup might do.

So, its always best to avoid any such basic mistakes and restrain yourself from getting a money shot even after getting everything right but this one.

Don’t shy away from editing

Editing is unnecessarily fabled everywhere due to which many shy away from editing their images after clicking it. Editing is fine till the time you are manipulating subjects in there.

Using Filters, color correction, sharpening, and noise reduction is fine and is just like polishing your raw product just before showcasing it.

You can use Snapseed or Lightroom Mobile to process your image after clicking it.

This way, you can adjust exposure in Live mode according to available lighting conditions and save your image from getting overexposed or underexposed at the very beginning.

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